The Patented Everswtich® Piezo Technology

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Everswitch Piezo Technology Overview

The EVERSWITCH® line of Piezo Electric Human Machine Interfaces spans from single switches via a variety of keypads and control panels to full size keyboards. All products are rugged, sealed, tamper and vandal proof solid state constructions featuring unprecedented durability and reliability.


The EVERSWITCH® family of products has been successfully tested for 50,000,000 cycles including vibration and impact tests.


The non-mechanical, fully electronic patented switch technology allows for perfect adaptation to retro fit as well as new designs and interfaces easily with existing systems. The module concept enables us to produce prototypes in an extremely short time with negligible tooling costs.


Everswitch Piezo Technology Applications

We manufacture over 400 different custom made products covering a full spectrum of applications:

Food Processing • Petroleum Dispensing • Clean Room Interfaces • Internet Kiosks • Access Control • Fluid Dispensing • Mining Equipment • Emergency Call Systems • Dairy Equipment • High-End White Appliances • Oceanographic Instruments • Elevators • Conveyers • Car wash • Weighing Devices • Military applications and many more.

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