Automotive Electronics - Tadiran batteries provide decades of maintenance-free and cost effective protection with alarm systems, seat belt and air bag safety systems, brake controls, tire pressure monitoring systems, engine controllers, in-car computers and other emergency systems.

Electronic Toll Collection - Tadiran was chosen for the EZPass program and other electronic toll collection projects because automotive windshields are subjected to extreme temperatures, -40°C to +113°C, as specified in SAE Paper J 1211. It is also desirable to employ a UL-recognized battery.

Automotive Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems - Sensors mounted within automotive tires require a battery that can withstand shock and vibration, as well as extreme temperature shifts. The battery must also last the life of the tire under normal circumstances.

GPS Emergency Locators/Roadside Assistance - Newer model cars equipped with safety features such as emergency GPS locators use Tadiran PulsesPlus batteries to ensure continuous performance in the event the car's main battery has failed.

Wireless Security Systems (PIR) - Wireless passive infrared (PIR) sensors and glass break detectors used in security systems typically draw very small currents when transmitting, allowing Tadiran cells to last up to 2 1/2 times longer than polycarbon monofloride or manganese dioxide Lithium cells.

Wireless Sensors - According to experts, the ideal wireless sensors would have adequate battery life, be self-powered, and be suitably small -- perfect for Tadiran batteries which can withstand the harsh environments that such sensors operate in.

Asset Tracking - Tadiran Lithium and PulsesPlus are the batteries of choice. Tadiran batteries are preferred for RFID and GPS systems, including highly sophisticated sensors that can locate cargo or vehicles, measure shock, temperatures within containers, or identify container contents.

Animal Tracking - Animal tracking research programs demand batteries that last a long time, up to 20 years. Tadiran batteries feature higher capacity and greater energy density, allowing tracking tags to be smaller, lighter and more compact for greater animal safety and comfort.

Law Enforcement - RFID technology is being increasingly utilized for house arrest systems. Tadiran's greater energy density and higher capacity allow ankle bracelets to be lighter and more comfortable. The fail-safe design and environmentally friendly chemistry promotes greater personal safety, and low-self discharge minimizes risk of system failure.

Security / Emergency - In addition to wireless PIR systems, Tadiran Lithium and PulsesPlus Lithium batteries are ideal for encryption systems, credit card readers and EPIRB/personal tracking systems.

Utilities and Metering - Tadiran batteries are ideal for electric, gas and water meter AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) systems, along with pipeline flow and utility fault line indicators, calorimeters and heat cost allocation devices. Tadiran batteries are perfect for AMR applications because of their extended temperature range and long life, reducing maintenance and lowering battery replacement costs.

Deep Hole Drilling - Tadiran high temperature batteries are specifically designed for measurement-while-drilling applications (MWD), capable of withstanding +150°C temperatures and high vibration.

Medical Devices - Tadiran Primary and PulsesPlus batteries are ideal for critical, life-saving equipment such as automatic external defibrillators, infusion pumps and bone growth stimulators.

Oceanographic/Sonobuoys - Tadiran Primary and PulsesPlus batteries are ideal for a variety of offshore applications, including radio distress beacons, emergency locating transmitters (ELT), GPS equipment, SARSAT/COSPAS distress beacons, mobile satellite communications links, ocean bottom seismic devices, sonobuoys, transponders and data loggers.

Military Electronics - Tadiran lithium thionyl chloride cells provide the reliability required for military applications such as gas masks, electronic seals, EPIRB devices, night vision equipment, RF channel selectors, underwater detectors, advanced sea mines, target acquisition equipment, range finders, missile systems, fuses, intelligent guns and mortar ammunition.

Industrial Instruments - Tadiran cells power a variety of industrial devices, including industrial clocks, numeric and process control, computer integrated manufacturing, temperature controllers, realtime clock and fiscal memory back up, vending machines, and memory back-up for computers and other office automation products.

Remote Monitoring - Tadiran Primary and PulsesPlus cells are ideal for use with all types of remote monitoring devices, including wireless sensors, SCADA and telemetry applications, data loggers, leak detectors, RTU's and control valves.



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